“Toys to Hand Cream … Liquor to Blue Jeans”: A Brief Note on Rural Consumerism

Consumerism is now well spread into the rural, brought by increasingly fast-flowing goods, people, and ideas, “with luxury goods being far more prevalent.” (in Lynch 2005:134). Economically, it is a significant market for capitalist industries, and culturally, it has the power to reshape shared preferences and identities of rural people. Parallel with it the reemergence of recent debate on the disappearance of peasantry (Bryceson et. al. 2000). It is, therefore, extremely difficult to discount consumerism as a potential transformation driver of the rural communities. Continue reading

A Little walk to A Quiet Junction: Transformative Learning, Critical Pedagogy and Social Movement

A busy early summer 2007 in the institute, backpacked ISS students going to Germany, celebrated Anti G8 protest. These are not isolated phenomena. They can be connected in a simple logic: instead of hiding in the library nervously stabilo-ing printed readings, like myself, some ISS students left the busy academic schedule to participate in the protest. Now, suppose one asks a simple question, did they go out of a pure learning process to a pure social movement activism? Any educated person in the Institute, almost intuitively, would reply in rather astonished tone, “Of course, No”.

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Tindakan Kolektif dan Struktur Sosial*

BUKU kecil ini akan secara khusus mengulas tindakan-tindakan kolektif dalam mengelola sumberdaya alam dan fasilitas bersama. Analisis akan diarahkan untuk mengurai struktur sosial yang melatari kerja-kerja kolektif tersebut, dengan menimbang bahwa kerja kolektif selalu dipengaruhi oleh bangunan sosial yang dominan di satu masyarakat. Dengan kata lain, kami tidak menganggap setiap kerja kolektif selalu membawa kebaikan bagi seluruh anggota masyarakat. Warga bisa saja berbondong-bondong melakukan kerja bakti setiap minggu, tindakan kolektif bisa berjalan, meskipun struktur sosial menekan mereka untuk melakukannya. Continue reading